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Stax Dempsey
"Monet Sky"

Stax Dempsey- aka- GD McIntire. The Californian via Greenwich village neo-boho moved to London in 2001 and began collaborating with 2 of Britain’s hottest mix merchants, Trevor Jackson, {Playgroup, Output Recordings} and Kieran Hebden, {Four-tet, Fridge}.
The album was recorded at Edwin Collins West Heath Yard studio with Fridge as the backing band. The result was an album critically acclaimed by the press in 2003 titled 'Sunrise/Sunset',
"The Soundtrack album of the summer", Dan Cairns, Sunday Times.” Dempsey proves to be a knockout", Betty Clark, Guardian ****
"Loops samples 60's rock and oscillating acid trickery utterly unique" ID **** Q magazine ****1/2 Urb Magazine, to list just a few.
For the next couple of years Dempsey toured the UK and shared stages with the likes of "The Libertines", Shane Macgowen, Just Jack, Hot Chip, Dot Allison, Echo Belly and many more.
In 2005 Dempsey took time off to write and reevaluate life and music. Having grown up sailing and surfing in California, when the offer to skipper a 100 ft sailboat came along Dempsey jumped at the opportunity. Based out of Newport, RI, the next 2 years were spent sailing up and down the eastern seaboard of America, The Caribbean, across The Atlantic, The Mediterranean then onto the Greek Islands.
" I sorta just kept going from horizon to horizon, taking in all that life has to offer". All throughout this time Dempsey was still writing and singing songs, falling in love, finding inspiration in new people, new places, stormy skies and freedom. "Standing on the bowline singing that melody as all tough sailors do when they're far away at sea", he quotes a Bob Dylan tune.
Leaving the boat in Cesmee, Turkey, Dempsey returned to the Uk by a series of train’s busses and whomever would offer him a lift. "Sometimes I'd be at the side of the road with a thumb to the wind waiting for a ride".
Inspired by his travels, Dempsey now back in London has been recording a bunch of songs with ex Mowax producer Parsley Sound the out come from these sessions is two simple classic songs
An acoustic psychedelic folk tale called 'Monet Sky' which finds him seeking satori in France, singing about Gitane angels and dodgy boarder police
Sung over a beatific melody and Jimmy Page style picked guitars with a nod to Phil Spector
'Endless Summer' A sun bleached song that rings of the hope of days to come, "counting our lucky stars, with fingers crossed', all the while with anxious anticipation knowing there are warm winds, blue skies and white sand beaches somewhere on the horizon.
BJ Cole adds a dreamy pedal steel guitar accompaniment in the background.

Written by Geoff McIntire
Produced By Parsley Sound
Pedal Steel on Endless Summer by BJ Cole
Published by Copyright Control
(P) 2008 Years Without Art
(C) 2008 Years Without Art

1. Monet Sky
2. Endless Summer