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Tack Till
"Would That It Were EP"

With musical day jobs as diverse as playing bass for indie-disco
upstarts Friendly Fires, and making bendy electronica as Wax Stag, 'Tack Till' is the place where busy musician Rob Lee goes to channel his more contemplative side.
This debut three tracker is a warm, mainly instrumental EP focused
around acoustic guitars and understated, elegiac moods. Lead track
'Would That it Were' opens with a mood of gentle, lilting euphoria
that eventually gives way to a driving, insistent headiness.
'Leap Year' and 'Kart Down Hill' both have hints of English psyche folk 'otherness' that fans of Voice of the Seven Woods might enjoy, with repeated motifs and drifting melodies evoking hazy memories and clouded emotions. A brief sliver of vocal ad libbed over 'Leap Year' sits easily amongst the carefully assembled instruments, but is the only vocal on the EP.
A beguiling debut instalment in what will hopefully turn into another
promising album project from Rob Lee, a man for all seasons.

Written & Produced by Robert Antony Lee
Published by Dharma Songs
(P) 2008 Years Without Art
(C) 2008 Years Without Art

1. Would That It Were
2. Kart Down Hill
3. Leap Year